All About Progmatec

Since last 15 years, we are providing quality business management software applications in Off-Shore and local market of Hyderabad in Pakistan.
We have experience in designing applications as per client’s requirement to provide in-depth control and information of any sort of business.

We are  specialized in quick system analysis and figuring out about how much time and cost would be required to computerize any business. Our experts from accounts, supply chain, payroll, software engineering and business management fields, work together to provide you an optimal solution.

Mainly deal with small and mid sized businesses by automating their working processes.
Provide solutions with dual entry book keeping and standard supply chain systems.
Offer a variety of applications with both single and multi user access.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Standard Systems

Get the benefit from dual entry book keeping and internationally followed supply chain systems.

Accounts and Supply Chain

Make your business sync with international standards of business management by using our software applications.

Friendly User Interface

The extremely friendly eye catching user interface of application helps user to learn and work faster.

Stylish Modern Look

Use of advance technology to enhance appearance of different components and increase user interest to use applications.

Powerful Reporting

Applications have excellent ability to transform raw data in meaningful information in form of different reports.

Easy Decision Making

Business decision making heavily relies on timely availability of required information.

More Controlled Business Processes

Gives power to manage business activities in more efficient manner.

Enhanced Business Work Flow

By use of integrated procedural forms, system ensures engineered proceedings.

Improved User Management

Manage access in multi-user environment, or allow different users to share a single desktop application.

Enhanced Control Over Activites

All activities are logged with user details and time stamp to improve users’ accountability.

Realtime Support

Real time support from experienced professionals ensures the minimum resolution time.

Keep Systems Up and Running

Issues occur only when some rules are violated. Following the system according to recommendations, reduces support’s involvement.

We offer different solutions for a variety of business types

Enjoy Compactness of Business Management

Professional Business Management Services.

We computerize complete business and provide you excellence and ease in business management.

Complete Accounting System Management Services.

Stock Management Services.

Payroll Management Services.

On Site and Off Site Business Management Services.

Computer System Management Services.

Computer Network Management Services.

Anti-Virus and Computer Security Management Services.

Data Security and Lost Data Recovery Services.

Our Accounting, Stock and Payroll Management Software.

Our professionals will manage your business and systems.

We  create and manage complete I.T infrastructure and for businesses including all software, hardware and professional human resources.

Deal in:

Retail Business

Wholesale Business



Services Business


Different Industries

Any many more.

Professionals we have:

Business management solutions experts:  will let you know after first meeting about the exact requirements of your business.

Software experts: will provide the most suitable applications for your business.

I.T and Hardware expert: will manage your systems and infrastructure.

Accounts, Supply chain (Stock) and Payroll Management experts: who will make sure the accurate and timely recording of data and generation of reports.

Business Management Consultants: Who will study your data and advice you how to maximize your business.

Feel free to get in touch for a quick quote at 0345-2000807, Hyderabad, Pakistan.

Business Types Covered

Our applications suits for most of the business types. Some of the business where we have already implemented systems are:

  • Manufacturing Industries
  • FMCG Distributions
  • Super Markets
  • Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • Retail Businesses
  • Restaurants, Travel agencies and Real Estate
  • Non Government Orginazations

Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

By making efficient use of software engineering technology and business management skills, we try to provide solutions, capable of managing and transforming data in such a manner that it should be useful for optimal output of business.

Skills We Use

System Analysis and Design 100%
Programming Languages Capabilities 100%
Friendly User Interface 100%
Research and Upgrading 100%

Teams We Have

Business Analysts

Experts in Business Study, Requirements Gathering, Feasibility Preparation, Implementation Workflow Design.

Software Engineers

Experts in develop/modify applications to match client’s requirements while complying standards .

Support And Research

Ranging from applications’ trouble shooting to business process experts, helping clients to get the best.

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